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To Our Students

Head of Department to Our Students

Dear students,

Welcome to our department, which has a respectable place among the Turcology departments with its history dating back a quarter century. During four-year undergraduate period, you will gain a wealth of knowledge about folklore as well as outstanding writers and works of Turkish language and literature, which is considered one of the most established and richest languages ​​and literatures in the world. In the context of our understanding of education and training, our primary goal is to encourage you to grow up as individuals who are knowledgeable, understand and analyze texts, and have the power of interpretation. In addition to being a harmonious, participatory, free-thinking, responsible, self-confident and questionable individual, we encourage and ensure that you grow up as individuals who stand out with their good morality and diligence and adhere to our values ​​of civilization. My advice to you, do not aim to be an ordinary graduate, try to get the equipment and gains that will make your difference. Within this framework, it will be beneficial to participate in various scientific, artistic, social and cultural activities such as conferences, congresses and symposiums of our university and city, which offer quite rich options. Participating in the activities of various student clubs and communities, some of which are also within our department, will also contribute to you and open new horizons for you. Again, let us not forget that the path of successful education and training, both you and us to fulfill our responsibilities and our sincere efforts are going through. Let your love of language and literature, which I think is an important factor in choosing our department, continue to increase and the love of research, learning and teaching within you never ends.