Our department was found under presidency of Prof. Osman Nedim Tuna in 1993. Prof. Tuna carried out his duty from October 1993 to January 1995. After foundation, post graduate and doctorate programmes began in 1994. In 1995, undergraduate education got started. Our first undergraduate generation was graduated in 1999 and the last one was graduated in 2015. In our department, containing undergraduate, post graduate and doctorate programmes there are four professors, three associate professors, eleven assistant professors and twelve research assistants working. We have taken part in leading Turkish language and literature departments of Turkey.
In the first four academic sessions of four-year education period, opportunity of comprehending and understanding linguistic heritage belongs to Turkish language and literature’s various periods-areas and general language skills are presented to our students. In the last four academic sessions, knowledge and methods what provide analyzation and interpretation skills of literal texts in academic point of view are teached. Additionally, there are elective courses in our curriculum which give opportunity to students to use their fund of knowledge comparatively and practically.  In our department, there are also post graduate and doctorate programmes since our foundation year 1993. We are of the opinion that, these programmes have th… All >>
Dear students, Welcome to our department, which has a respectable place among the Turcology departments with its history dating back a quarter century. During four-year undergraduate period, you will gain a wealth of knowledge about folklore as well as outstanding writers and works of Turkish language and literature, which is considered one of the most established and richest languages ​​and literatures in the world. In the context of our understanding of education and training, our primary goal is to encourage you to grow up as individuals who are knowledgeable, understand and analyze texts, … All >>